Happy talented group of people who love what they do and work hard but also take lunch breaks



& Nirit Karby

Head of technology (Amir) and Creative (Nirit) founders of Pic-Time, a beautiful communication service for photographers and their clients.


Daniela Engelberg

Writer at Telavivian magazine.  Believes that everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.


Ben Kelmer

Photographer, captures weddings and real time events. The camera, food & traveling fills his heart.


Noa Kedar

Architect, Co Founder of ThisisIT. Always looks for interesting uses of materials, textures, shapes and light and how they make us feel.


Tal Nisim

Architect, Co Founder of ThisisIT. Believes in design that interprets desire and creates vision.


Adi Mor

Architect & Co-Founder of damndesign. Loves having different kind of projects and exploring new things she hasn't tried before. 


Ron Sela

Content marketing and social media expert.  Result driven and profit-minded. Making online businesses’ life easier.


Nevo Saadon Heimann

Designer & Developer.  Creates fashionable tailor-made websites with a relentless passion for web innovation.


Dana Arnon

Designer & Co-founder of damndesign. Specialises in brand identity and product design. Loves being her own damn boss


Denise Feiger

Graphic Designer. Loves simplicity with an occasional sprinkle of glitter. Happy when clients call and say “Do your magic”


Roy Zanbel

Roy made the move to product to be part of teams working on awesome projects and help influencing user happiness. When not working, can be found at the beach, surfing, sailing or doing anything which includes H2O.

נעמה ביבי.jpg

Naama Bibi

Fashion journalist at 'At' magazine. Fascinated by fabrics, textures and cuts, but mostly by the people behind them and their stories.  

studio Ehrmann pic dman.jpg

Noa Ehrmann

Designer. Owner of the Noa Ehrmann Studio. Reminds everyone it’s very important to leave room for their dreams.


Shachar Bechor

Illustrator and Designer. Founder of the "Tuchim Gang". Regularly updates his Instagram with his latest inspiring work


Rona Itzkin


An independent graphic designer and visual artist, focusing on branding and web design. "The best thing about life and design? They are constantly changing".


Anna Kopito

Founder of Telavivian magazine. Number one motto: “Don't overthink. Keep moving”


Lehman Pekkola

Visual artist. Originally from Portland, Oregon.  Holds a B.A. in Art & Design.  Considered a master of simplicity by friends in the studio.


Miki Mottes

Illustrator. Loves all animals. Creator of “Simple Happy Kitchen”, an illustrated guide for your plant-based life



The Dog. Loves to join her Mom, Noa at meetings. Knows how to play the game, the better she does it, the more treats she gets.